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5 Must to Implement in Life

Wisdom and Make up, both are exactly the same. Both change us only when we apply them. Like, when we apply make up, it changes our look and when we apply wisdom, it changes our life. But both won’t work unless it is applied. And when it comes to applying the wisdom and the knowledge, we hear in our personal life, there are two or three things that we must remember.

Number 1 – We need to constantly keep reading, watching or listening to those things that we know, we need to apply in our life because only those things that are on our mind will come into action and only those things will be on our mind that we watch, hear or read.

So, we read a blog like this and for the next six months, we do not listen, read or hear, these points are not going to be there on your mind. There is so much going on in our life, there is so much you have to handle in life, it’s not there on the part of your mind. So, in order to make that part of your mind, we have to regularly have it fall on our ears and eyes. When it regularly falls on our senses, it is a regular part of our mind, there is a possibility that it will come into practice.

When we are talking about applying, we read. Let’s say I read regularly, this is the right thing to do.

Number 2 – ” Always apply things in micro installments, do not change instantly”

” Rome was not built in a day”

You do not lose weight in a day – Any fitness programe and a diet programe must be sustainable in the long run. It gives slower results but sure results. You do extreme diets , they give us instant results but everything comes back again. I am certain that you understand my point. Therefore, change in micro- installments. Make small changes but permanent changes.

There was a man who was asking his son – How much is 9 multiplied by 8, he said 102. The man gave a chocolate to the son!!!!!!!

The neighbour said, you know how much is a 9 multiplied by 8 because he is saying 102 and you are giving him a chocolate for the wrong answer. Why are you giving him a chocolate for the wrong answer? Why are you giving him a chocolate? The father said yesterday he was saying 142, so from 142 to 102 he progressed a lot!!!!!!!! When he will come to 72, I will say do not go lower than that. It is the right answer.

And that’s exactly how you are going to make progress.

You may not be at 102 today, even if you come to 101, reward yourself, because every step taken towards that goal is a conquest, is your victory.

Number 3 – Don’t you even think that life will go on like this/ that. It will keep changing, you will slip, you will fall, you will miss it in your diets, in your anger control or whatever it is that you are trying to deal with.

We ll fail. It’s OKAY.

Difficulties will test our desires in front of our eyes. It will remove the dreams that we see.

Even if you fall, you have to stand up because these obstacles will only help us learn how to walk.

We will slip when we try to change. We need to stand up back again and keep going.

Number 4 – Never to forget that we will all have our weak and low moments, when we feel helpless, when we think that we won’t be able to do it.

Have you had that moment in your life? I am not going to be able to do this now.

I belong to those days and time when we used to rent a video cassette to play a movie on a VCR!!!!!!

Are you from that time when you borrow money if you don’t have?

You know which is the best law of finance?

A wealthy father- in – law!!!! That’s the best law!!!!

Apologies!! Apologies!!!

When you lack the strength like you’d take a video cassette from a parlor or lend money from someone. Similarly, we will borrow strength from somebody when we will have our low moments. We need to borrow that strength from somebody. To get us through that phase, motivation will prepare you up. Discipline will help you continue what you get prepped up by. 

Motivation does not last every day. Discipline can keep you going every day.

When we feel weak, let’s borrow strength from others and lend your strength when others feel weak.

Number 5 – There is no strength greater that the strength of God. When you connect yourself to the strength of God, you are connecting yourself to the power house of strength.

That’s what will pull you through those low times and low moments and then knowledge will become applicable in your life.

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